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Foundation year: 1991
Action area: Navarre

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Nests stork attention

Cigüeñas Fitero Cigüeñas proteccion Cigüeñas San Adrián

To eliminate or minimize the problems resulting from the presence of nests white stork in some buildings as a means to ensure that those affected are responsible to the maintenance of the nests, GURELUR initiated in 1995 a campaign to achieve these goals. This Campaign is conducted without subsidies and we don't charge anything to the people who request the work. In order to work without any financial support, this work is performed by GURELUR volunteers.
The tasks performed within this campaign are the removal of highly troubled nests, for the serious damage that they cause to buildings and for putting people at risk; the placement of artificial nests to replace those that are eliminated for the reasons mentioned above or by construction; the arrangements or reduction of nests whose volume is too high or at risk of falling; the placement of structures to prevent the storks to build their nests in silage machinery, fireplaces in use, cattle chutes, and to fix the damages caused by the storks and their nests.
The people affected by these issues are most grateful for these last jobs and these are causing a lot of astonishment among the people of Navarre, which sees how a few ecologists dedicate their time to develope tasks outside the environmental volunteers, such as cleaning of roofs, plumbing and interior courtyards, rooftop arrangements, among other works. These works are done in the autumn-winter season, outside the breeding season of this species not to interfere with their reproductive cycle. During the remainder months of the year maintenance tasks are performed to monitor the nests in order to obtain accurate information on their condition and problems.
After fourteen years of serving all complaints and requests for action by the people who feel affected by the increasing population of storks, they have managed to reconcile the presence of storks in our towns with the conservation of the historical-artistic patrimony.
Although it is costly and exhausting task for never-ending problems caused by the nests, it is absolutely essential to continue developing it, because the work would be lost otherwise and it would compromise the nesting of an important number of couples in Navarre with the possible risk of determined again the species as endangered of extinction in our Community.

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