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"Soto Bajo" Bird Ringing Station

"Soto Bajo" Bird Ringing Station
"Soto Bajo" Bird Ringing Station
"Soto Bajo" Bird Ringing Station


"Soto Bajo" Bird Ringing Station

Ornithological Station of Soto Bajo is located in an old meander of the river Ebro in Arguedas. This spot receives a significant portion of the waste waters of irrigation in the zone, which makes some of its soils to be flooded throughout the year. These inputs of water, along with the isolation of the area, have created a valuable ecosystem.

On the grounds of the station developed a variety of habitats typical of wetlands, the most representative are the reeds, the tamarisks and riparian forest. The predominant vegetation is the reed, which takes place in areas that remain flooded for most part of the year.
The birds are the most important group of the enclave, both in quantity and variety. This is due to the diversity of habitats present in the area that allows the presence of species from different ecological requirements. Although it is important the presence of birds during the nesting season, the migration season becomes more important when we talk about the carrying capacity of this place for birds.
Several species nest in sedge marshes, the most common being the warbler and thrus, besides several species of herons, marsh harrier and the rail. Nest tree mass in the minor peak, the golden oriole and the Wryneck, among others. During migration and winter the meander is used by a large variety of raptors, storks, herons and small birds. The reeds are home to an important winter roost for reed bunting, endangered species, which feeds during the winter season rice left in the fields after harvest.

Estación Anillamiento "Soto Bajo" Anillamiento herrerillo Estación Anillamiento "Soto Bajo" Anillamiento Oropéndola

The main activities developed are birdwatching, being able to use an observatory of 30m², monitoring fauna that includes the banding scientific and environmental education.
Another important job that takes place in the station is the management of vegetation, over-developed in some areas due to eutrophication. Eutrophication has led to a loss of biodiversity, undermining the carrying capacity for poultry. This environmental project has the strong support of the town hall of Arguedas, land owner of the Station, and financed by the Cener Foundation.

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