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GURELUR - Fondo Navarro para la Protección del Medio Natural Manuel de Falla, 8
31005 Pamplona/Iruña
Tel.: 948 15 10 77 · 606 980 068
Non-profit-making association
Foundation year: 1991
Action area: Navarre

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Others Campaigns

Venenos Peces Larraun Canal Añorbe

Apart from the campaigns and projects mentioned in this web page, part of the volunteer’s time is devoted to take care of the growing number of complaints and consultations from Navarra’s citizens. The society, responding to the negligent attitude of the Environmental Department in all that is related to the protection of Nature and to the attention to citizens, comes to us to denounce the constant aggressions suffered by our environment and to get information about different aspects of Nature.
For all this work we have a team of technicians in charge of channelling the denunciations to the appropriate organizations, mainly SEPRONA, European Community, Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro and also, to a lesser extent, Government of Navarra, which files in wastepaper baskets the denunciations that we present to them.
A very rewarding and asked for activity is the environmental education. We perform cleaning activities in groves and forests, we set up observatories for birds, we give talks and courses, we install nest-boxes and we edit and deliver different informative materials. In all these activities thousands of citizens get involved and start to worry about the preservation of our species and spaces. This is a fundamental activity to get the support for all our activities and to hook new volunteers, so required in the small ecologist movement.

Environmental volunteers cleaning up Sardar river garbage
Environmental volunteers cleaning up Sardar river garbage

Other campaigns are related to the protection of the Mediterranean forest and thicket, of the groves, of the swallows and of the raptors. Within the campaign devoted to the Mediterranean forest and bush woods we got the declaration of protected space in San Martín de Unx, which is nowadays our biological reserve of El Boyeral. In addition we also saved several spaces of this type of vegetation which were going to be affected by the installation of pastures, reforesting, gas pipe lines, tracks and other types of infrastructures. With the groves campaign, in which we organise excursions, cleaning of groves and protection activities, we are making the population sensitive about the ecological and social functions of these ecosystems and of the necessity to preserve them. Within the campaigns devoted to swallows and raptors we are getting the population’s respect towards these species.

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