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Foundation year: 1991
Action area: Navarre

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"El Boyeral" Integral Reserve

"El Boyeral" Integral Reserve
"El Boyeral" Integral Reserve

The "El Boyeral" Integral Reserve is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Ujué, municipality of San Martin de Unx. Its 238 acres South of the same town, are covered with Mediterranean forest and thicket, and rest on steeply sloped hillsides. This area, until recently fully utilized by agriculture and livestock, is surrounded by ravines that carry their waters to the river Zidacos.
This area was declared in 1992 by the Government of Navarre under the Forest Act, following the submission of a report on the environmental Gurelur the area and the need for its protection. The management of these lands is Gurelur, following the signing of an agreement between the municipality of San Martin, Government of Navarra and our partnership.
The motives behind this space were to protect the ecological importance of the area that had suffered severe regression and Mediterranean scrub forest in Navarra, due to the low value usually given by the managers and landowners who harbor such vegetation.

Cogujada montesina Reserva Integral "El Boyeral" Mirlona Curruca rabilarga

This reserve develops a variety of Mediterranean vegetation among which include the oaks, oak, juniper, Escambron, rosemary and thyme. This vegetation is home to virtually all wildlife linked to this type of ecosystem. Among the mammals are foxes, wild cats, badgers, genets, martens and weasels. Aunque escasos, se pueden observar varias especies de reptiles y anfibios como las culebras bastarda, de escalera y coronela meridional, y el lagarto ocelado, lución, eslizón tridáctilo y varias lagartijas. While rare, we see several species of reptiles and amphibians such as snakes bastard, ladder and southern colonel, and the Ocellated lizard, ution, Sanderling and several skink lizards.
The most common birds in this enclave are the warblers, which are among the tangle of undergrowth, protection and food. Also represented are several family members of the scribes, the Crested Lark and montesina, the three species of shrikes that are seen in Navarra, northern wheatear and blonde, as well as partridge, rock thrush, common nightingale and mongrel, among other species. Although they do not nest in the reservation, some raptors have their hunting grounds in it, such as the golden eagle, short-toed eagle, the buzzard, black kite and real, the kestrel and the eagle owl.

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